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Anita & Guy
Founders & Directors

Bound by a dream...

Cinematographers, Photographers, Filmmakers, Fish Behaviourists, Oceanographers, Environmentalists, Fluo-Diving Pioneers, Entrepreneurs, Inspiration behind numerous leading businesses and world-class resorts,... the world renowned Filmmaker couple Anita & Guy are better known under their professional name of Liquid Motion®.

With numerous international media awards, most recently for their National Geographic exclusives, 'City Under the Sea' and Water Colours, their underwater imaging has been hailed as some of the best in the world. Their work encompasses blue chip cinematography, fine art photography, movies, televison, education, advertising and film.

After juggling a multi-faceted media career with managing the worlds most prestigious island resorts for 20 years, in 2013, Anita & Guy decided to relocate to the island of Cozumel to be nearer their clients and concentrate on their lifetime passion to the full.



Liquid Motion's Founders, Owners, Partners and Internationally Acclaimed Filmmaker Photographer team Guy Chaumette and Anita Chaumette






With a lifetime of experience, awards and acclaim, Guys obsession with photography began during early childhood.
In his own little dark room in Paris, he spent his waking hours developing photos, while watching Captain Cousteau on his black and white TV. 

“My first love is photography. I developed my first photograph when I was 8 years old. As a child I spent all my summer holidays by the beach and was skin diving virtually before I could swim. The camera came underwater naturally. I seem to have been born with a built-in passion for the camera. There was no how and why. It was always there for me”... 

Today, he is celebrated as one of the worlds’ most consummate, creative Artists, and Photographers. 

Formally trained in Cinematography and Photography, with a successful photography and film business back in Paris, this explorer left Paris to journey the world as a Photo-Journalist back in the 70s, provocatively documenting people and places in China, Vietnam and India, before they were open to tourism.

Expanding his repertoire further to Editor, Colorist, Sound Mixer, Designer and Image Restorer, simultaneously studying marine biology and passionate about the ocean, he combined his two passions and took his film set underwater.

Liquid Motion's Founders, Owners, Partners and Internationally Acclaimed Filmmaker Photographer team Guy Chaumette

From coral islands and archipelagos in the Seychelles and Maldives, to Fiji and Indonesia, he has lived and worked all over the world ever-since.

Guy is well known for his versatile styles of photography, from documentary and editorial to art. He has made feature and documentary films for cinema, TV and advertising and worked with diverse high-end clients, from Scubapro, Ahura resorts and National Geographic, to Arte, TVE, RTP, Australias University of Queensland and the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Science. He has filmed and photographed extensively all over the world and provided content for countless magazines and enterprises, advertising and corporate social media sites.

Guy's profound knowledge of the oceans, marine science and imaging combined with his sociability and sense of humour have made him a sought after Speaker for environmentally important events, Film Festivals and Shows all over the globe. He has been hailed as a popular and entertaining host on Underwater imagery, Science and Exploration. 

An avid rebreather diver, and a Padi Master Instructor, Guy has over 30 years experience in the luxury and recreational dive industry, and has provided VIP dive guiding services for private clients, luxury resorts and yachts all over the world. With an unparalleled knowledge of marine life behaviour, infinite passion, perfect safety record and incomparable expertise in photography & filmmaking, he is dynamically sought-after, on a global scale.

One of Guy's favourite pastimes is quietly ‘talking’ to the tiniest marine creature for hours, dramatically capturing magical footage nobody even dreamed possible. He remains the adventurer, unable to resist an exciting mission and is in his element leading underwater photographic and film exploratory assignments, (such as secret sunken helicopters surveys off the coast of Fiji)….

He has authored and teaches globally accredited courses in marine biology, photography, filmmaking, fluorescence and fish behavior, both on land and underwater. He instructs and implements ‘non-destructive underwater photography', pioneered the global phenomena of 'fluo-diving' following the success of his 2009 National Geographic exclusive "Water Colours" and consults in private photography and filmmaking ‘made to measure’ for a diverse, international clientele.

“After learning about Guy’s filmmaking experience, we knew he was going to be an expert. And he did not disappoint. The course is about so much more than just the technical . Guy is a true artist. He teaches the difference between video footage and an actual film. He is a treasure trove of information about the underwater world and marine life behavior.  Not only are you exposed to his thought processes on how to approach filming underwater, but you learn how to tell the story.  It’s all about the story.  Guy has taken our video production to a level far beyond what we ever imagined we could reach.  He opens up one’s mind to the endless possibilities of turning video'ing into filmmaking”
(Tim & Robin Kirkpatrick)

Over the years, Guys photography, cinematography and work on the oceans have garnered numerous certificates of distinction, accolades & international awards.

“Most photographers take literally thousands of pictures - and get a few good ones, maybe one really great one. Guy takes one image.  And it’s phenomenal. There are very few photographers out there who can do that” (Anita Chaumette)

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With an ongoing passion for the ocean and its creatures, Anita lived barefoot on tiny desert islands all over the world for over 20 years, documenting and studying marine creatures day in, day out.

She continues to work regularly with globally leading Scientists and Oceanographers, sharing field observations in return for literature and study results. Through media and film, she influences education and communicates with Governments & NGOs to implement environmental management strategies which, from Fiji to Indonesia to Bermuda, have been successful all over the world.

Anita writes for magazines and advertising, produces movies for cinema and TV broadcast, and is regularly commissioned to make a la carte underwater footage and content for corporate clients, NGOs, airlines, TV, resorts, advertising and cinema, such as the recent Olympics film at London’s Royal Observatory.

She is recognized internationally as a Pioneer and Leader in the field of high-end, blue-chip underwater cinematography, having received numerous awards, publications and acclaim for her filming and production work.

Liquid Motion's Founders, Owners, Partners and Internationally Acclaimed Filmmaker Photographer team Anita Chaumette

Together with Guy, and some of the worlds leading Scientists, she documented and filmed the worlds’ first-ever fluorescent animal behaviour for National Geographic Television andsubsequently pioneered, introduced and spread the phenomena of ‘fluo-diving’ globally. Her underwater cinematography has garnered numerous honors, Gold and Platinum Medals, and over 50 major awards.

“I’m from Harrogate, Yorkshire, with a pretty conventional background. Solid university education, I speak several languages, and studied international marketing. I traveled a lot when I was little and always had a passion for foreign places, the ocean and making photos and film. So after University, I traded the chilly British shores for some tropical ones. I was living, diving and working on a small island in the Indian Ocean when I met Guy, who was working on the same tiny island. Guys experience, drive and vision as a storyteller triggered me to start learning more, professionally, and back in the 90s, my hobby slowly became an obsession and it all just came together… Today, we’ve been living on some of the most remote paradises on earth for almost 2 decades, working together, diving together, filming and making movies".

Over the years, Anita has met many wonderful people during her travels. With the Photo/Film Academy, a brand new exclusive movie for National Geographic just released, a non-profit Marine Foundation dedicated to giving the ocean a voice and an island baby to filll up any spare time, Anita spends her days editing, filming, diving, scripting and handling the corporate side of the Liquid Motion companies.

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