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colleen flanigan endorsement of liquid motion

Colleen Flanigan
Director The ZOE Project
Socio-ecological Artist


“Liquid Motion are Experts of far-reaching creativity. They are great listeners and brainstormers, true collaborators to help clarify a vision. They are willing to experiment, meet precise Filmmaking skills and achieve better results than I could have ever expected.

I learned about the Cozumel Film Festival just as it was ending. When I saw what I had missed, I was disappointed. Lots of ocean films by Liquid Motion, all focused on my interests, passions, and curiosities. Then I thought, “Just call Liquid Motion Film. Hopefully you can meet the Filmmakers in person and learn about what they’re doing, maybe even create something about Zoe together.”

Guy was so friendly and enthusiastic about what they do, and all things art and ocean, that we hit it off immediately. He’s an Expert of far-reaching creativity. He’s willing to experiment, meets precise Filmmaking skills and achieves better results than I could have ever expected. 

I was comfortable and communication was natural and fluid in all phases of production. I had a few ideas in mind, and the Liquid Motion team are great listeners and brainstormers, true collaborators to help clarify a vision. Guys sensitivity, patience, and years of experience put me at ease, even though I was feeling pretty terrified to take off my mask and make the shoot. I did my best with the free diving…, yet was absolutely stunned happy to see how Guy could edit together such a polished, beautiful piece from my few swim throughs!

The Liquid Motion team are true masters at their craft and incredibly responsible and kind, the best! I highly recommend Liquid Motion for land and sea shoots. You will be thrilled with the experience. I can’t wait to work with them again when I return to Cozumel next year".

COLLEEN FLANIGAN - Director of The ZOE Project, Socio-Ecological Artist.




Project Zoe

The power of art, science, and technology to highlight life’s fragility and its promise.

Zoe is a Living Sea Sculpture in Cozumel, Mexico, disseminated worldwide through a virtual aquarium - - streaming live, 24/7.

The sculpture was made of mild steel formed and welded in 2016. Low voltage electricity precipitates minerals to fortify the sculpture to become an evolving, life supporting habitat for corals and biodiversity in a region devastated by hurricanes, pollution, tourism, and climate change.

2 years later, through low volt electrolysis, the sculpture is covered in limestone minerals fortifying the life-supporting habitat for endangered corals and marine biodiversity. Small crabs, sponges, sea stars, rays, squid, and myriad fish are seen swimming by, as well as visitors to the island.

Zoe means “life” in Greek, and this project was named in memory of Zoe Anderson, a young woman who wanted to save corals and who tragically died from carbon monoxide poisoning. It's a sad irony that carbon monoxide's sister molecule, carbon dioxide, is threatening our entire planet. As a memorial and coral refuge, this project uses the power of art, science, and technology to highlight life’s fragility and its promise.

Nothing happens in a vacuum. If the ocean teaches us anything, it’s that everything is connected and we belong to the same planet. It’s our job to create the conditions for life to flourish.

About The Director

Colleen Flanigan is a socio-ecological artist with degrees in Design and Metals. Through visual, performing, and biological arts, she investigates contemporary issues of species endangerment and ecosystem regeneration, specifically coral reefs and marine biodiversity.

Since 2004, Colleen has been exploring ways to bridge the gap between quantitative scientific approaches to environmental issues and hands-on, life-saving actions by evolving the concepts of "art as ecology" and interactivism. Her work restores degraded coral reefs through electrolytic mineral accretion (aka Biorock or electrified reefs). She and her company, Living Sea Sculpture, invite others into the solution through interactive public art, talks, performance, and through the support of Chris Anderson of, an underwater webcam brings this living virtual aquarium to you in real time at