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Steve Cohen is the sole owner of a highly successful global business manufacturing above ground pools since 1976, Steve’s companies employ hundreds of people worldwide.

First certified as a diver in 1974, Steve travels a lot. He has dove the finest places in the world, including the Caymans regularly, where he has property, Seychelles, all over the Caribbean, Fiji, Hawaii, Thailand, Greece, Baja and Morocco, (to name just a few!).

“To be able to take the full scale Underwater Photo and Video class with Liquid Motion was simply amazing!.

I learnt more in 9 days than I have ever learned by myself in 50 years (and I did not even have to read a manual!).

The opportunity to learn what I did, with the people I did, and in such a setting made the trip a once in a life time event. It made the vacation complete, with more laughs than I ever imagined possible.”

Steve Cohen

Liquid Motion Academy guest STEVE COHEN's Filmmaker course - and his film!! from Liquid Motion on Vimeo.