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"I can't find the words for the emotions I'm feeling.

The philosophy of the Academy is different to anything I’ve ever experienced...""


Dear Anita and Guy,

Thank you again for a life changing experience!  I know that others will find their time with you equally rewarding. 

Last year while planning a dive trip to Cozumel, and hoping to find some photographic help and instruction, I found Liquid Motion. I spend 2 wonderful days learning more about underwater photography.  It was an enlightening and delightful experience. 

Excited about becoming a photographer, and not just a lucky shooter, contacting Liquid Motion was the first and best thing I did when planning a return to Cozumel.  Anita and Guy responded quickly to my inquiry and were easily able to accommodate my schedule, take the time to clarify what I was interested in and understand the skills that I wanted to work on.  They were both so attentive. 

The night before our first dive,..... (continued below)

Pec Indman Liquid Motion Academy Cozumel Pec Indman Liquid Motion Academy Cozumel Pec Indman Liquid Motion Academy Cozumel Pec Indman Liquid Motion Academy Cozumel
Pec Indman Liquid Motion Academy Cozumel Pec Indman Liquid Motion Academy Cozumel Pec Indman Liquid Motion Academy Cozumel Pec Indman Liquid Motion Academy Cozumel


The night before our first dive, Guy came to my hotel to go over the plan and discuss the lesson on his ipad.  The next day the dive boat picked me up, and away we went.   We dove together, without having to worry about other divers. 

Spending the surface interval together, we reviewed my photos and discussed the second dive.  Guy is incredibly enthusiastic and eagerly shares his vast expertise.  He is a wealth of information. 

Anita and Guy offered my group the opportunity to observe turtle hatching on the island, as they have been working on a documentary film about the turtles and turtle conservation.  That experience will be with us for the lifetime.  

City Under The Sea is a new film recently produced Liquid Motion Film.  It premiered this year in Washington DC.   When I asked if it was possible for our group of 9 to see it, Guy was happy to drive to our hotel (on the other end of the island) and show it to us.  A private showing with Guy there to talk about the film and answer questions!  We felt very honored and very privileged.  The film was educational about marine life and behavior, as well as an unbelievable inner view of the beauty of life in the ocean.  The cinematography was superb. 

One of the many things I love about Liquid Motion is that the experience is long lasting.  Guymade me an ebook about the learning module I worked on (this time on underwater lighting), which included some of my photographs with helpful comments.  I will treasure the ebook as a review and reminder of my wonderful, enlightening experience with Liquid Motion, Anita and Guy. 

It's been a week of fantastic experiences. There are no words to describe the joy and happiness I feel about this trip, and the big role you played in making it absolutely wonderful. Thank you again for a life-changing experience and thank you for having such open hearts.

I send you my most heartfelt thanks and appreciation.  We are looking forward to seeing you again soon.


Pec Indman EdD, MFT, Cozumel, October 2015