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Liquid Motion Underwater Film Services Review by Spearfishing Today and Fly Cozumel

Liquid Motion Underwater Film Services Review by Spearfishing Today and Fly Cozumel


"Dear Guy.

"It's my pleasure, to write some true meant words about you:


You opened our world, by being who you are and doing what you love. Anybody can buy or borrow an underwater camera and take some pictures. What you have done for us, is far beyond all expectations. It is truly photography at a complete other level than we have ever, ever seen before".

“Hey, you know someone that can take some underwater pictures?” Well… without a single doubt I will recommend your team. So many times in the last couple of years we were “satisfied” with pictures that were taken of us. But this time, “UNDERWATER WOW”. Not only did you deliver, you created something which we thought was impossible!...

I admit, I did see your beautiful footage from all over the world and thought, jeje, if I had that camera, haha”. But ooh, we were so wrong. The preparation with your team, the organization on the boat and under water – its not about the camera at all - you are true professionals.

It is a blessing Cozumel has you on the island. To anyone that is interested in underwater photography or underwater video, give Guy a call!: underwater wow!!!!"

Leo Chanoc Waltman, January 2015


Leo Chanoc Waltman founded and owns some of the worlds leading Freediing Spearfishing schools, teaching the correct and respectful way to spear, and what they believe to be the most respectful & selective way of fishing. Their company is reputed worldwide and has repeatedly won the Tripadviser certificate of Excellence each year.

In their spare time, they do suspension training. Invented by the Navy SEALs. TRX Suspension training is high performance training that leverages gravity and the user’s body weight to complete 100s of exercises. TRX training is used by world famous athletes, olympic swimmers, the US miltary and UFC fighters. Leo and Anibal have gone a step further, and for a special Photo Shoot and contest,, took their TRX training underwater!