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After graduating college in St Petersburgh, Florida, Karan Saini chose to pursue a career in Filmmaking, specialising in Underwater Imaging, with Liquid Motion Academy. Between film assignments in Kenya and editing, he is currently based in Dubai, where he is expanding his company from India to the Middle East.

Dear Anita & Guy,

“The Professional Filmmaker Course is truly an amazing experience. It’s incredible how much I learnt about filmmaking and photography, on land and underwater, in such a short time! Guy is a phenomenal teacher. His extensive experience and passion foster a really inspiring, stress-free learning environment".

"As a recent graduate, I was looking to continue my studies in professional Filmmaking at The L.A. Film School, until I discovered Liquid Motion Academy".

"I chose The Academy over The L.A. Film School, because I wanted to learn more than just filmmaking; I wanted to learn the art of film - stories, true creation with freedom, how to portray emotion, and particularly how to make a difference. I also wanted to specialize in Professional Underwater Filmmaking, and Cozumel is the only place in the world where this is possible. It’s incredible how much I learnt about filmmaking and photography, on land and underwater, in such a short time!"..

"It was refreshing that I did not have to follow a schedule or adapt to anyone else's agenda; instead LMA understood what I was seeking and adapted to me constantly with regards to my speed of learning, my interests and my time".


" Everything is tailored and adapted to you. The Academy gives you a totally different perspective towards every aspect of photography and film, while giving you the freedom to grow, create, and choose your own".

"It was a highly personalized experience. I truly appreciate and admire how much LMA is dedicated towards making their courses a uniquely productive journey in every respect for their students"

"I highly recommend LMA to anyone who is interested in Film and/or Photography, whether a beginner or professional, on land or underwater. Guy and Anita's Liquid Motion Academy is absolutely guaranteed to increase your skills".

LIquid Motion Photo & Film Academy Cozumel

"Above all, the course was fun, full of energy and always very interesting and creative. The underwater work was inspiring, challenging, safe and highly enjoyable. I will definitely be back there someday, learning even more!"

"I wish Guy, Anita and LMA every success and thank them for their clear passion, hospitality, professionalism and dedication It was a uniquely productive journey, and an amazing, highly personalized experience - exactly what I wanted.."

"Thank you"

Karan Saini