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Enoka and Shivantha
From Sri Lanka, Enoka and Shivantha have been diving since 2004 and to travel to fantastic dive sites such as Palau, Sipadan, Malaysia, Raja Ampat, Similan Islands, The Philipines , Maldives and Wakatobi. Some of their memorable moments are of graceful huge hammerhead sharks in layang layang, schools of dolphins swimming around Kurumathi island and the amazing, clear visibility in Palau.


liquid motion underwater photo film academy Cozumel feedback, reviews and endorsements for The Underwater Cameraman Course, The Underwater Filmmaker Course and The Underwater Photographer Course

“I’ve been taking underwater pictures for last few years using a couple of point and shoot camera’s. Whilst the occasional great picture turns up, they have been far and few. Earlier this year I invested in a DSLR with the full housing / strobe kit. The first trip was a photographic disappointment as I seemed to think the pictures were just not worth it. I decided to sign up for the special Photographic Experience Course.

We initially planned to also cover a dive speciality course, but Vanessa suggested we try the unique Fish Behaviour Course created by Guy, world renowned Filmmaker, which would complement the photography sessions.  I was sceptical at first, as we are both into big action diving and for this course, we were told there would be static diving, where you spend extended periods of time in one location observing marine life. However, we were both incredibly surprised as to how interesting it was. The theory we discussed in the classroom was surprisingly what we unknowingly witnessed underwater on our dives! We did not realise what the fish were really up to until after the class! It truly opened our eyes to fish behaviour.

The photography course enabled me to appreciate the capabilities of the camera. It then enabled me to move away from shooting in auto and start to play around with the various manual options. I got results. It really made lugging all that gear well worth the hassle.

So a huge thank you to you wonderful instructors, who genuinely love to teach what they know best”