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"I am typing from the heart and I wear my feelings on my shoulders..  I just want to say I have had the opportunity to show your work to over 50 disabled veterans just over the last couple of weeks"..

"You have had tough guys tearing up… you have made an impact on our guys that I can’t explain.. I just wanted to let you know.... …. I would love to learn more from you".. 

"It was a absolute pleasure working with Liquid Motion Academy.  We would not be able to share our experiences with the world without the expertise and compassion you showed".

"The impact of what you were able to capture on film has touched the lives of many, including injured veterans still in rehab who have had the opportunity to see how our 15 disabled divers - mostly spinal cord injured quadriplegics and disabled veterans - scuba dive in the beautiful waters of Cozumel MX". 

"Liquid Motion was able to capture not only the diving and the mechanics on how we dive with our disabled divers, but also able to show the emotional impact and positive experiences that all of us had the opportunity to experience.  They shot from the heart and the emotion comes through all they have done for us.  From all of our brave divers and all who came to help and volunteer their time, LifeWaters extends a heartfelt thank you to you.  You have been able to impact lives in ways that will last a lifetime".

Charley Wright 

LifeWaters was a dream of Charley's since he was introduced to adaptive scuba instruction from one of the first Handicap Scuba Diving Associations (HAS) in Indianapolis. Working in a Rehab Hospital in Arizona, Charley was exposed to traumatic injuries from young to old and, seeing how the injuries changed not only the individuals, but the livesof those around them, hearing the questions ' Why Me? How will I live? I can’t do that, There is nothing out there for me, I don’t want to Live anymore'  made Charley establish LifeWaters in 1999 in Tempe, Arizona. It has been a labor of love and dedicationfor Charley and his wife Jody ever since.“If you are not making someone else’s life better, you are wasting your time”...