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With a lifetime love of photography, film and the underwater world, Liquid Motion® has a reputation as one of the best image production companies in the world.

Collectively for over 30 years, the Liquid Motion group has garnered numerous international awards and been involved in myriad media projects, both underwater and on land. Whether individuals or thriving corporations, Liquid Motion® chooses its projects carefully, fulfills wishes and dreams and guarantees the very best, timely results.

Liquid Motion founded The Academy - a uniquely private, highly personalized Underwater Training School - in 2012, choosing the tropical waters of Cozumel's famous Marine Park as its underwater classroom.

Specializing in art, creativity and underwater imaging, The Academy quickly fulfilled its aim of sharing a lifetime of experience and passion, filling the need for a highly skilled, private underwater Mentor, and providing a unique, accelarated, private education to guests from all countries and walks of life.

Today, The Academy is a globally leading Photography & Film School, that has become one of the best private learning centers (and the *only* private underwater learning center) in the world.

Award-winning Photographers & leading Filmmakers Anita & Guy welcome and provide private instruction to guests from all over the globe, whether beginning their artistic journey or already true industry professionals. The renowned team work with just one guest at a time. Their combined decades of real-world experience creates a practical and powerful learning crucible for the aspiring underwater cameramen and working professional alike.

All Instruction is private and personal. Courses and training are customised and tailored to each client’s unique experience, interest and needs. You learn more than just underwater camera technique, you learn how to succeed. Real world training, art and creativity, in the beautiful Cozumel Marine Park :-)

When it comes to underwater imaging, Liquid Motion is at the very top of their game. Nobody even compares to these guys…
(Steve Weinstein)

Whether novice or professional, a personal passion or career goal, The Academy is committed to your creative journey and guarantees exceptional, inspiring results.

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