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underwater film trips classes cozumel


underwater photo trips classes courses cozumel

underwater film trips details

underwater film trips details

liquid motion underwater photo trips underwater film trips cozumel


Liquid Motion's V.I.P. Photo/Film Dive Trips are for the aspiring underwater cameraman and working professional alike.

These exclusive trips are exceptional and unique, for incredible individuals who seek to reach beyond their limits, follow their passion, free their spirit of adventure, and soar.

First Class, exclusive diving - A true luxury service, which starts by understanding your needs and desires, and is meticulously planned, to deliver the private diving of a lifetime.

liquid motion underwater photo trips underwater film trips cozumel

No crowds. No bubbles. No rules. Only You: Unlike any other Photo-Pro, or Film Trip, Liquid Motion's Trips are for just one or two guests at a time. Underwater, you will move at your pace, in your time, at your speed. Away from crowds. With completely individualized focus from the best professional there is.

With a famous Artist and acclaimed, multi award-winning Filmmaker/Photographer as your guide, decades of real world experience make for a powerful learning crucible and an exceptional, exciting, inspiring trip.

"I highly recommend this to anyone, whether beginner or professional. It was a uniquely productive journey, and an amazing, highly personalized experience - exactly what I wanted"... (Karan Saini 2016)

"There is absolutely no substitute for one-on-one personalized attention and instruction, delivered hands-on by a master artisan" (Jeremy Cohen 2016)

liquid motion underwater photo trips underwater film trips cozumel

Customized and targeted: Focusing on the highest levels of service and safety, everything is luxuriously customized and tailored to you, your interests, your experience-level, your dreams and your goals.

On land and underwater, your guide will provide top-notch photography or videography guidance, covering all subjects that interest you. He will help you understand how to get the best out of your camera, share tricks of the trade, find subjects, help with shots, lighting, composition, work with you to maximize your artistic abilities and ensure you get the most awesome shots.

"I can't seem to find the words for all the emotions I'm feeling. I made it home filled with joy and love from this trip. It's been a week of fantastic experiences on so many different levels. Your Philosophy is different to anything I’ve ever experienced before”.. (Pec Indman EdD, MFT).



Unwavering professional service and a truly luxurious, inspiring experience: All trips are professionally guided by Liquid Motion's famous Artist and acclaimed, mulit award-winning National Geographic Photographer/Filmmakers Guy and/or Anita Chaumette. The team are renowned Marine Specialists and Experts in Underwater Photography & Film, with a lifetime experience as Filmmakers, Photographers, Oceanographers, Authors, Fish Behaviourists, Marine Biologists & Underwater Imaging Instructors.

Their film, photography and art feature regularly in journals, publications, and press and they work personally with clients from private Individuals who want to pursue their passion, achieve their goals and live their dream, to Fortune 100 companies, Marine Scientists, NGOs, and prestigious TV channels.

Master Dive Instructors & Rebreather specialists, the team has over 30 years experience in diving, teaching and planning the very best underwater itineraries all over the world. They have an expert knowledge of marine biology, fish behaviour, 5-star recreational and deep diving, and decades of professional, private luxury guiding experience for super yachts, VIPs and individuals.

Live your dream, on your personal, private journey. We hope you can join us :-) underwater photo film trips cozumel enquire


Over 30 years - 100% safety: "From the perspective of someone who has served on a major research university's science diving safety board and who initially earned an underwater instructor rating in 1975, its worth noting that Guy is exactly the private diving buddy you always hope for — safe, professional, and even underwater, always there with an ever-encouraging smile. Thank you"..... (Jeremy Cohen, PhD)



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