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Do you want to take the next step? Make a career out of your photography? Go all the way? If so, it's time to stand out. At The Liquid Motion Underwater Photography School, our mission is you, realizing your dream, in your time, at your speed. Welcome to the world of Professional Photography.

Developing vital photographic skills, equipment mastery and hands-on techniques, the Academy maintains focus on the importance of personal creativity and art in a highly competitive business. From shooting, composing and getting camera operation and housings 'in hand', to light, colour, style and editing; whether for corporate shoots, commercial, advertising, portraiture, street photography, or a fine art gallery, there is no other photo school in the world that provides such a fast, thorough, inspiring route to the top.



"Liquid Motion Academy offers truly enlightened teaching, that raises the bar in professional  photography instruction and opens new vistas of where to take image-making, topside as well as underwater. Every detail was tailored to me, and focused always on what, to me, is most important. Across twelve days of image making, the pace was always tailored to my personal interests, aptitude and energy. Every single detail was tailored to me, and focused always on what, to me, is most important. There issimply no substitute..."
(Jeremy Cohen PhD)



Private - Personal - Customized - One-on-One - Fast

Liquid Motion Underwater Photo Academy is famous for its private, customized approach, that provides a very personal, direct route to success. The Academy accepts just one applicant at a time. Given its small size and emphasis on personal specialization, you learn fast, thoroughly, at your own unique level and pace.

All courses are adapted to your professional field, and the area in which you specialise. All instruction is private, one-on-one, hands-on, and completely customized to your goals, both underwater and on land.


Globally recognized - 30 years success

Academy clients learn privately with a highly awarded, globally leading Photographer, renowned Industry Mentor, and expert Diver, who has over 30 years success in Fine Art Photography, Street, Portraiture, Landscape, Photo-Journalism, Advertising, Corporate and Underwater Shoots all over the world - as well as being one of the leading Underwater Filmmakers of our time.


Real-World - Hands-On

The Academy's carefully selected location is only place in the world that provides such an inspiring photo studio. The crystal turquoise waters of the beautiful Cozumel Marine Park are a perfect underwater paradise. A classroom which will motivate and delight, while you learn every skill, visualisation and requirement to be a fully-fledged Underwater Professional.



“Creating something wonderful, in a passionate state of flow – these are some of the happiest moments of our lives"
"I unequivocally recommend these Career-based Photo Programs as a complete, professional and exceptional learning experience"..
Bob Hudak, USA.


Art - Creativity - Inspiration - Power - Success

Powerful. Enriching, Exclusive. You will develop the style and power to move people. Make an Impact. And Touch lives. We encourage you to talk with us, to discuss your personal goals and the path to realizing your dream.








You can go all the way. You can reach your professional dream, without numerous semesters, years, and group classes.

Learn the fine art of Photography, from topside to underwater. Prioritise your creativity and make photographs charged with emotion, that trigger deep feelings in the viewer.

This 3 - 4 part career-focused program is a full 'fast track' internship; a complete A-Z of becoming a professional Photographer, covering all aspects required for a career in Photography - with the option of taking it all underwater. The course is customized, tailored and adapted to the various speciality areas of underwater photography - advertising, magazine, photo-journalism, underwater photographer, weddings, entertainment industry, creative director - to fit professional interests, achieve artistic freedom, creative excellence, and attain personal career goals.

Pursue your passion, live your dream, and make it your life - on your own terms.




10 modules, with assignments.

Part 1 is an essential foundation for a career in photography, both on land, and underwater.

From street photography to fashion shoots, the fundamental basics to advanced, creative work, this section implements vital photographic knowledge, whilst enhancing artistic vision and creative image development.

Challenging you to release your artistic voice, and grow beyond the realms of anything you imagined, you will be inspired, unleash your powerful inner Artist and discover your personal, creative style.




Part 2 is a no-nonsense approach to the art and beauty of editing, and implements ultimate image mastery, to annihilate all boundaries of creativity.

10 customized modules include and are not limited to file management, colour grading, backscatter removal, depth of field and exposure adjustment, image composite, enhancement, reconstruction, Photoshop and Lightroom workflow and a strong foundation for colour correction & control (a must, especially for underwater photography). Develop, enhance and present your art.



The Underwater Photography Section consists of 5 Specialty Modules, workshops, 10 dives and 5 days one-on-one coaching and instruction. Integrating technical knowledge with artistic exploration and creativity, topics include underwater camera management, stability and movement, textures, colours, positioning, wide angle, macro, depth of field manipulation, composition, light, marine life approach and non-destructive camera techniques. Go beyond underwater snapshots and make dynamic, powerful photographs.

Part 3 is the ultimate development in underwater photography to step away from ‘fish ID’ and begin your unique creative underwater photography journey.





The apogy of image creation. Unleash your creativity and step into fluo, fine-art photography, painting, brush-art and beyond. From concept to delivery, create your own unique Works.




All instruction is private, personal, and one on one with internationally acclaimed Industry Pro & highly awarded Photographer/Artist. - above water and below.

Course is 100% tailored and customized, to fit your unique level of experience, interests and personal, professional or career goals.

Total time: 2-3 weeks. Can be taken in stages, or in full.











The Professional Underwater Photographer consists of 5 hands-on Specialty Modules and 10 dives, one-on-one with a globally acclaimed Photographer, covering all aspects of camera management, emotion, colour, feelings, lighting, artistic freedom, creative excellence, and considerations that are vital for a career in professional underwater photography.

The course is perfect for professional photograpers ready to take that next step and expand their creativity and career to the underwater realm. Everything is customized, tailored and adapted to your professional interests, wishes, experience-level and ultimate career goals, with various speciality areas of underwater photography - advertising, magazine, photo-journalism, underwater photographer, weddings, entertainment industry, creative director - to choose from.


Five Modules:

1. The Making of a great Picture 4. Macro  
2. Depth of field & Point of View 5. Wide Angle  
3. Lighting    


Five days/5 Specialty Modules/10 dives.

Each module includes pre-dive coaching session, 2 dives with Photo Instructor, post-dive de-brief & coaching.

All instruction is private, one on one, customized and tailored.










A professional picture is a moment of creative genius, backed up by a flawless technique. Know your camera the way a painter knows his brushes. This is where everything starts, and when the beauty begins.

The Fine Art Photographer is the absolute essential foundation to prepare for any career in photography. Manipulate light, depth of field and compose your image perfectly. Capture the emotions you want people to feel.

Whether new photographer, or already experienced and needing to awaken and expand your vision, the course challenges you to release your artistic voice and grow beyond the realms of anything you imagined. You will be inspired, discover your personal, creative style, and feel alive in your photography. Unleash your powerful inner Artist. Create.

Ten Specialty Modules

1. The Making of a Picture 6. Creative Macro-Photography
2. Composition 7. Long Exposure
3. Depth of Field 8. Portrait
4. Point of View 9. Fashion
5. The Light 10. Street Photography

Private, land-based instruction, one on one with award-winning Fine Art Photographer Guy Chaumette.

All instruction is private, personal, and one on one.

Each module is customized, tailored and finaly adapted to fit your unique personal interests, experience and professional goals.








"When I booked the one week Professional Underwater Photographer course with Liquid Motion Academy in Cozumel, I expected good instruction and diving practice - what I got was so much more. Guy is truly a teacher and an artist, whose passion for his work is clear. His professional experience and vast knowledge allowed me to learn fundamentals I needed, and then discover the underwater world in entirely new ways. From the well-organized academics, topside photography work, the underwater work and the outstanding Fish Behavior course, to VIP diving and executing the new techniques - I recommend taking this course for professionals all around the world. It isintense, enriching and absolutely excellent!".
(Jana Johnson June 2015)

“LMA revived my passion and enhanced my awareness of the world around me. Now, thanks to them, i see photo opportunities everywhere i look”
(Hugh Levin)























Everything we do is luxuriously tailored to you. To fit your personal schedule, your needs, and your goals. The Academy takes just one guest at a time. All instruction is private and customized to your unique personal experience, interests, wishes and goals.
(*In special cases, the Academy can accept another member to join your course/class, or provide a group instruction. Please contact us for a (free) consultation)

Welcome to a unique circle of individuals. To Freedom. Exploration. Passion and Art. Unwavering professional service and a truly luxurious experience.