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1.5 DAYS - $795


Every detail was tailored to me, and focused always on what, to me, is most important. Far from formalistic, Guy and Anita took into consideration my diving history, my strengths and opportunities for growth, my current kit, and my familiarity, or lack thereof, with cutting edge editing, lighting, and point-of-view subject development.  The pace was tailored to my personal interests, aptitude and energy. Truly enlightening. There is no substitute ...." (Jeremy Cohen)

“It is unbelievable how much I learnt in such a short time about my camera, how to get results, go beyond what I ever imagined and create really artistic shots. Liquid Motion are incredible - everything is customised to you. They know how to make you succeed at your craft, fast...” (Jeremy Cohen)




Learn to make fantastic underwater footag and create a film, in just one day, with private instruction tailored and customized to your experience, needs and goals.

Dive with globally renowned, award-winning National Geographic Filmmakers Guy or Anita Chaumette, who will work with you one-on-one, topside and below, finding subjects, setting up shots, positioning, composition, and helping you get the best out of your camera. By-pass hours of wasted dive time - instead get top-notch, personalised, customised instruction and discover the secrets of making awesome footage, directly, from some of the best Underwater Filmmakers of all time.

One-on-one, private, tailored instruction, on land and underwater.

Incluses customized, pre-dive consultation, one-on-one workshop/theory/knowledge development, 2 dives with 100% one-on-one guidance and instruction, post-dive footage review, management, organisation, colour correction, and basic, fundamnetal techniques to master, edit and put it all together. Make your footage become a film, while mastering your creativity, art and story.








Are you already shooting underwater, but ready to reach the next level, take a challenge, rekindle your passion, be inspired?

This is for you. Master your equipment, so it responds perfectly to your vision. Sharpen your skills. Learn to understand, use and manipulate light, and breathe raw emotion into your footage. Experiment with angles, and positioning. Capture unique expressions, feelings and behaviour. Be creative. Be alive. Use lighting and composition to enhance your story.

One-on-one, private, tailored instruction, on land and underwater.

Incluses customized, pre-dive consultation, one-on-one workshop/theory/knowledge development, 2 dives with 100% one-on-one guidance and instruction, post-dive footage review, management, organisation, colour correction, and basic, fundamnetal techniques to advance your production, mastering different editing tools. Master the vital workflow, discover how to salvage ‘not so good' shots, entertain, inspire and tell your story.







Refreshing or Focusing on subjects you personally want to master, this Masterclass is about you telling us what you want to work on and master, and our inspiring you to think outside the box.

Colours, textures, patterns. Warm and cold. Emotions, feelings, or entering a uniquely creative realm. Wherever you are, we will help create engaging shots, develop your own artistic style, and achieve your goals.

11/2 days one-on-one- Customized Module, topside and underwater, with world-famous Filmmaker, tailored to your personal interests, needs, wishes and goals.







The cost for a 1.5 day one-on-one, customized Underwater Film/Video Masterclass is US$795 and includes:

Free consultation and personal work assesment, prior to arrival.
All course, media, or production materials, technology fees, and other associated costs except as noted.
Guaranteed private, one-on-one, customized instruction with a globally renowned, award-winning Photograher/Filmmaker.
Transfers to/from dive departure points, and to/from The Academy.



VAT: Mexico requires that fees are subject to 16% VA T.

Diving: Dive costs are additional. Liquid Motion Academy works with the best dive operators in Cozumel and will arrange diving for you. A days diving, which includes 2 boat dives on 2 diffferent Cozumel reefs in the Marine Park, air tanks & weights is $96.

Luxury Private charter: For super privacy, flexibility and luxurious, custom-made dive itineries, The Academy can provide a privately chartered boat. Just you, your Mentor, your boat, your Captain. A days VIP private charter is $500 and includes 2 dives on customized, carefully selected reefs, to fit your preferred diving style, goals and experience, air tanks & weights.

There is a Cozumel Marine Park Protection fee of $3 per day.



Students and guests should bring their own camera equipment, or otherwise advise us if rental is required.

It is recommended to bring a laptop and/or tablet with course-specific or recommended software installed. This will serve as a personal workstation during courses, and allow for 'out of hours' creative growth and development.

Bookings are fully payable in advance; a deposit of 50% reserves and confirms space, with the balance due 14 days prior to the start of the program or course. Payment is guaranteed 100% fully refundable up to 21 days prior to the course, and 50% refundable up to 14 days prior.

All programs and diving are professionally provided by Liquid Motion's acclaimed, award-winning National Geographic Photographer/Filmmakers, Guy & Anita Chaumette. The world-renowned team are Marine Specialists and Experts in Underwater Photography & Film, with a lifetime experience as Cinematographers, Photographers, Oceanographers, Environmentalists, Authors, Fish Behaviourists, Marine Biologists & Underwater Imaging Instructors. Master Dive Instructors & Rebreather specialists, Guy and Anita have over 30 years experience and an expert knowledge of 5-star diving, dive itinerary planning, and professional luxury guiding for super yachts, VIPs and individuals all over the world. All programs are one-on-one, private instruction, unless otherwise noted.

The Academy team is here to answer any questions you may have, make your enrollment as straightforward and stress-free as possible, and guide you on taking the first step towards realizing your dream.

Whether Filmmaking, Photography or Editing, this is where things happen. Please contact us, to discuss your goals, and together we will customize the perfect package to suit your personal needs.

Thank you for choosing Liquid Motion Academy.