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The Liquid Motion Underwater Photo and Film Academy Cozumel





Hollywood talent as diverse as Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola and Ron Howard got their start at a film school. At The Liquid Motion Underwater Film School, our mission is you, realizing your dream, in your time, at your speed. Welcome to the world of Professional Underwater Film.

Actors, Visionaries, Storytellers and Industry Professionals come to The Academy after studying at other film schools, or already working in the industry. Developing vital cinematic skills, equipment mastery and hands-on techniques, the Academy maintains focus on the importance of personal creativity, storytelling and art in a highly competitive business.

From shooting, acting, and getting camera operation and cinema housings 'in hand', to music, colour, developing style and editing; whether for TV broadcast, advertising, cinema, documentary, or professional underwater Camera work; there is no other film school in the world that provides such a fast, thorough, inspiring route to the top.


"As an experienced diver, underwater filmmaker and cameraman, I had been looking for a professional level course to further advance my skills and knowledge. I found exactly what I was looking for. Guy Chaumette is committed to the success of every student. His tireless efforts and professional workflow have raised my game to a whole new level. The one-on-one aspect of the instruction was invaluable. Everything was tailored precisely to my professional experience level, and we covered every aspect of UW film production and camera work that I needed. This course has made a huge impact on my UW film making career."

(Dan Bailey, 2018)


Private - Personal - Customized - One-on-One - Fast

Liquid Motion Film Academy is famous for its private, customized approach, that provides a very personal, direct route to success. The Academy accepts just one applicant at a time. Given its small size and emphasis on personal specialization, you learn fast, thoroughly, at your own unique level and pace.

All courses are adapted to your professional field, and the area in which you specialise. All instruction is private, one-on-one, hands-on, and completely customized to your goals, both underwater and on land.


Globally recognized - 30 years success

Academy clients learn privately with a highly awarded, globally leading Filmmaker, renowned Industry Mentor, and expert Diver, who has over 30 years global success in cinema, film, advertising, corporate and leading broadcast productions.


Real-World - Hands-On

The Academy's carefully selected location is only place in the world that provides such an inspiring film studio. The crystal turquoise waters of the beautiful Cozumel Marine Park are a perfect underwater paradise. A classroom which will motivate and delight, while you learn every skill, visualisation and requirement to be a fully-fledged Underwater Professional.


"Liquid Motion's Guy Chaumette is considered by most as one of the very best Filmmakers in the profession. I was honoured to dive and film alongside him. My Hollywood-based company specialises in underwater filming, and being up to date with all the latest and best skills are vital to my business. Guy helped me hone my diving techniques, and he gave a me a new set of camera and film skills, that I will use for life. If you are looking for valued, trusted, completely professional cinematography training, Liquid Motion Academy is absolutely the only place to go...".
(Nigel Hudson, 2017)


Art - Creativity - Inspiration - Power - Success

Powerful. Enriching, Exclusive. Develop the style and power to move people. Make an Impact. Touch lives. We encourage you to talk with us, to discuss your personal goals and the path to realizing your dream.








Want to take your career underwater? This is a fast-track, intense, robust underwater course, designed to give a complete, hands-on experience in professional underwater shooting and provide the fundamentals of how to be a Pro Cameraman, underwater.

Covering all aspects of shooting underwater, master your shooting, in this creative, artistically focused, no-nonsense approach. Let your camera become the tool, which responds perfectly to your vision. Capture the art and emotions of underwater cinematography, with one-on-one, personalised support from one of the greatest Underwater Filmmakers of our time.

Five Specialty Modules:

1. The Making of a Great Picture 4. Macro to Wide Angle
2. Camera Angles 5. Camera Moves
3. Light and Sound  


The Industry Pro Underwater Cameraman Course consists of 5 Specialty Modules, workshops and 10 dives, one-on-one with Liquid Motion's internationally acclaimed, multi award-winning Cinematographer, who will personally assist, teach, instruct and share vital expertise before, during and after the dives. Each (one day) Specialty Module includes pre-dive coaching/workshop, 2 dives with one-on-one coaching, training and instruction above water and below, post-dive de-brief & coaching.

Each module is customized, tailored and finaly adapted to fit your unique personal interests, experience, needs and career goals . All instruction is private, personal, and one on one - above water and below.

Live it, breathe it, work towards your legacy.








The Professional Underwater Cameraman Course, exclusively for professional CCR Divers. Learn how to be creative, get the best shots, handle and manage all the technicalities of your camera and housing, professionally, while managing your safety, buoyancy and rebreather at the same time. With 100% one-on-one, customized, top-notch film support and guidance from fully certified Rebreather Film Guide. Add your own private boat , to make ultra long, unlimited dives in the stunning marine park. 100% one-on-one, customized, top-notch support, above water, and below.






Highly Recommended by leading industry professionals FOR professionals with new GATES Housings, GATES & Liquid Motion Academy offer the acclaimed 'Gates STO Training Course' 'on location', designed to combine with hands-on, 'real-world' diving, or 'The Pro UW Cameraman Course'. The only place in the world endorsed by Gates to get one-on-one instruction and support from an award-winning Pro, whilst creating incredible, top quality footage of the ocean and its reefs!

The GATES STO Course provides a curriculum of knowledge on the Setup, Test and Operation (STO) of Gates professional underwater imaging systems.The STO Training Certification sends the student forth as a Gates Ambassador with a resume skill to help secure work on TV / Cinema / Natural History productions, which of course benefit by avoiding downtime due to untrained equipment operators.

Course goals are Proficiency in the setup of Gates underwater cinema housings; Familiarity with on-location test tools and techniques for establishing housing seal integrity; Basic operation of Gates underwater housings; Camera specific considerations for the underwater medium: color, light, filtration and more. Tips / tricks to assist the underwater cameraman / DP; and Practical understanding of underwater optics: Port types, optical materials, selection and application

Two days Hands-on course with working industry professional.

*GATES RECOMMENDED - BEST SELLER * - Combines perfectly with VIP diving, or *The Underwater Cameraman* course for complete hands-on underwater camera, housing and cinematography mastery*










An A-Z Professional Editing Course, focusing on creativity, simplicity and the art of story telling, covering all topics from workflow, techniques, colour correction and transitions to narration, sound and music, all tailored to your unique interests, specialty areas and professional career goals.

Ten Modules:

1. First Cut 6. Edit with Stills
2. Colour Correction 7. Titling
3. The Cutting Room 8. Sound Editing & Foley
4. Image Control 9. Music
5. Effects 10. The Final Cut


Each (approximately half day) module is private instruction, one on one with award-winning Editor. All modules are customized and tailored to your unique experience, skill-set and career goals.








Do you want to go all the way? Create your legacy? Bring your passion to the world, tell your story, reach the professional level, without numerous semesters, years of trial and error and group classes? Visionaries, Storytellers, Artists - this is how to get there. This is for you. Write, Shoot, Direct. Discover your unique, artistic voice. Take it all the way, with this unparalelled access into to the Underwater Film Industry and all it has to offer.

This 4 part career-focused program is a full 'fast track' internship, a complete A-Z of becoming a professional Underwater Filmmaker. With a hands-on curriculum based on real industry workflow, industry-focused specialisation based on your personal interests and career goals, and an iconic underwater studio as your classroom, the course integrates technical knowledge with artistic exploration and creativity, and covers all aspects required to launch and sustain a career in the industry.

Pursue your passion, live your dream, and make it your life - on your terms. Bring your passion to the world. Write, Shoot, Direct. Promote, Connect. Take control with this globally unique, industry-acclaimed, customized course.

Welcome to the world of Professional Filmmaking. Its time to tell your story.




Part 1 is an essential foundation for a career in filmmaking, both on land, and underwater, and implements a still image knowledge-base, which is vital for moving picture.

From street to fashion, fundamental basics to advanced, creative work, customized to your personal interests and career goals, this section covers all aspects of camera management, emotion, colour, feelings, and lighting considerations necessary to enhance a story. It implements vital knowledge, whilst enhancing artistic vision and creative image development.

Challenging you to release your artistic voice, and grow beyond the realms of anything you imagined, you'll learn the art and technology of motion-picture photograph, be inspired, and discover your unique, personal, creative style.




Part 2 is a no-nonsense approach to the art and beauty of editing, and implements ultimate image mastery, to annihilate all boundaries of creativity.

10 customized specialty modules include and are not limited to file management, colour grading, backscatter removal, depth of field and exposure adjustment, image composite, enhancement, reconstruction, Software workflow and a strong foundation for colour correction & control (a must, especially for underwater imaging). Develop, enhance and present your art.



10 specialty modules with assignments, on land.

Customized, tailored, fine-tuned to achieving your ultimate career goals, specialisations and dreams, this section includes Scripting, Storytelling, Producing, Directing, Cinematography, Art, Sound, Music, Technical, Logistical, Promotional, Networking, Connecting, and all aspects required for a professional career in Underwater Cinematography & Film.




5 days / 10 boat dives, taking everything underwater. From concept to delivery, it all comes together. Get creative, focus on your future, expand your vision, make a movie, a demo reel, share your story with the world.


Course includes complete one on one instruction with internationally acclaimed Industry Pro Cinematographer & highly awarded Filmmaker (National Geographic, Arte, RAI, TVE, TF1, Bsoup, 3x Gold Medal, 3x Best Director, numerous x Best Film).

All instruction is private, personal, and one on one - above water and below.

Course is 100% tailored and customized, to fit your unique level of experience, interests and personal, professional & career goals.

Total time: 3-4 weeks based on experience level. Can be taken in stages, or in full.









"What an incredible experience! My wonderful underwater Film Director Guy's level of expertise and attention to safety, from start to finish, let me easily trust him with my life and my performance. He helped me make memories of a lifetime. And the footage is absolutely unbelievable!..."
Kimberly Leemans, Actress, Los Angeles

"The Academy validated all of my dreams of becoming a top professional underwater cameraman. In addition, this unique approach humanized an industry, made me explore my personal creativity, go way beyond the footage i wanted to make and enter a creative realm i didnt even know i was capable of...." (read more)

"I chose Liquid Motion Academy over The L.A. Film School, because I wanted to learn more than just filmmaking; I wanted to learn the art of film - how to make a difference. It’s incredible how much I learnt in such a short time!. Everything about the teaching is tailored and adapted to you. The Academy gives you a totally different perspective towards every aspect of photography and film, while giving you the freedom to grow, create, and choose your own. It was so refreshing that I did not have to follow a schedule or adapt to anyone else's agenda. I highly recommend LMA to anyone, whether beginner or professional. It was a uniquely productive journey, and an amazing, highly personalized experience".
(Karan Saini, USA/Dubai)

















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VIP Private Customized diving & Private Dive Guide In Cozumel











Everything we do is luxuriously tailored to you. To fit your personal schedule, your needs, and your goals. The Academy takes just one guest at a time. All instruction is private and customized to your unique personal experience, interests, wishes and goals.
(*In special cases, the Academy can accept another member to join your course/class, or provide a group instruction. Please contact us for a (free) consultation)

Welcome to a unique circle of individuals. To Freedom. Exploration. Passion and Art. Unwavering professional service and a truly luxurious experience.