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Liquid Motion Underwater Film Academy Cozumel

Located on the beautiful island of Cozumel, Liquid Motion Academy is the worlds *only* Private Underwater Photo & Film School.

With over 30 years accreditation, awards and acclaim, the Academy provides customized courses and training in professional photography, filmmaking and underwater imaging, focuses on art and is operated by some of the best working Photographers & Filmmakers in the world.

Renowned, award-winning Instructors work privately, one-on-one with each guest. All courses are tailored to fit your unique skill set, personal experience, interests and goals.

Photography or film. Underwater or on land. A personal passion or professional goal. Be inspired. Pursue your passion. Live your dream. Create.

"Whether an aspiring underwater cameramen or working professional, you learn more than just underwater camera technique, you learn how to succeed. Think “Tailored Master Class”: One-on-one training in the tropical blue Cozumel Marine Park :-)”
(John Ellerbrock, Gates)

“I learnt more in 9 days than I have ever learned by myself in 50 years - and I did not even have to read a manual!. The opportunity to learn what I did with the people I did made the trip a once in a lifetime event”
(Steve Coen)

"Truly enlightened teaching. There is no substitute for one-on-one personalized instruction delivered hands-on by a master artisan."
(Jeremy Cohen)

At the Academy, we are committed to you realizing your dream, in your time, at your speed.

We will guide you on your journey, and guarantee exceptional, inspiring results.

Welcome, to a revolutionary learning experience.

Artists - Storytellers - Visionaries
Live It - Breathe It
Be Extraordinary